Dear Alumni, 

WELCOME HOME! Yes, the Aquinas Institute that was your spiritual home when you were a student at Princeton University is still home to you! We cherish the memories we have of you, strive to hold firm to the foundation of all that we had been to you while continuing to build upon that great foundation. We want just what you wanted when you were here: To know, love and to serve the Lord of Life! Time may pass, things may change, but this will always remain the same.

We want to welcome you home at Reunion Times, please feel free to stop by when you are on campus. Come into the little chapel dedicated to Saint Thomas at the Aquinas Institute, 24 Charlton Street, put a special intention in our “Prayer Box” and meet our ministry team. 

If you should need a Mass card for a deceased relative or friend, we have those available and are always willing and ready to offer a Mass at your request and for your intention.

If you have a special prayer request when off campus, just send the message on to us.

And should you wish to support the Mission of The Aquinas Institute, we would be tremendously grateful.

 Give back here.

Getting Married?

One of the main ways in which we encounter alumni is through weddings. Many of our Catholic Alumni desire to have their weddings at Princeton University Chapel. We encourage this, but want you to understand that the primary element of a Catholic Marriage is that it is Sacramental. This means there are some steps to be taken relative to a Catholic wedding:

1)    Contact the Coordinator of the Princeton University Chapel, Liz Powers, to schedule your wedding. One the date has been chosen, remember most Catholic Diocese expect at least a year’s worth of marriage preparation, so look into this before you pick a date.

2)    Contact the Director/Chaplain of the Aquinas Institute to inform him of your plans: where you are going for your marriage preparation program, what parish will be doing this for you, what priest is preparing your paperwork, the date of your wedding, the witnesses of your wedding: Best Man and Maid of Honor; and finally, the priest or deacon who will be the presider or witness of the Church. 

3)    Remember, all paperwork must be presented to the Diocese of Trenton at least a month before the wedding. It will be reviewed by the Director/Chaplain of the Aquinas Institute and forwarded on to the pastor of Saint Paul’s Church in Princeton where your records of marriage will be kept. Saint Paul Church will also issue you a certificate of marriage. 

If you are unable to find a priest or deacon to officiate your wedding, you are asked to request assistance in this regard from the Director/Chaplain of the Aquinas Institute.

Click the photo below for more information on getting married on campus.

Join us for the Annual Aquinas Alumni Breakfast @ Reunions!