Preparation for Total Consecration to

Jesus through Mary

Every Thursday evening 8 PM-9:30 PM in English

English: Begins September 19, 2019

Aquinas House: 24 Charlton St. (Across the Friend Center)


What is the Consecration to Jesus through Mary?

When we’re baptized, we promise to put our lives in God’s Hands. But it’s hard to keep that promise. This is a chance to start over, with the special help of the Holy Mother who Jesus gave to us on the Cross (Jn 19, 27). Mary has never sinned, is the Mother of God, knows Her Son better than we do, and knows how to guide us on our journey back to Heaven. In Saint Louis de Montfort's words: "The strongest inclination of Mary is to unite us to Jesus Christ her Son; and the strongest inclination of the Son is, that we should come to Him by His holy Mother.” Saint John Paul II did this consecration, and then, as Pope, recommended it to every Catholic. No matter what point you are at in your spiritual life, here is an opportunity to grow closer to God, to learn more about Our Blessed Mother, and to let Her show you how much She can and wants to do for you. Consecration groups meets weekly starting in the fall and concludes in the spring. For more information please contact Di


According to previous students... 


"To paraphrase a wise priest, 'the Consecration is for those who love God, and lament that they do not love Him more.' A year and a half after reading that line, all I can really add is that yes, the Consecration will definitely help you love Him more." -Gabe Banevicius '15, Computer Science Dept.


"It has helped me get closer to Our Mother and this is making a sea change in my life. I wish I had done this in my twenties, the journey up until the class would have been a lot easier and smoother!" -Corazon Jeeravatnam, Administrator in Politics Dept. 


"If everyone were consecrated to Mary, I think practically all the problems in the world would vanish. By learning from Our Lady, who is the pinnacle of all creation, I have grown in faith, become tempered against temptation, and replaced doubt and fear with hope and trust in God. You can never love Mary too much - Jesus will always love Her more, and to grow close to Her is to fall ever more in love with Him" -Thomas Clark '18, Computer Science Dept


"The most incredible class I have taken here at the University!!! I looked forward to every Thursday night where I would be filled with such joy in hearing the Truth! The Consecration class is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me here at Princeton!" -Emely DeJesus '18, EEB

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"Best decision of my time at Princeton... and my life! Nothing has invigorated my faith more, nor filled it with more peace and joy, than discovering God's great gift to us in Mother Mary - Jesus came into this world through Her, and there is no better way for the world to return to Him than through Her." -Miklos Szebeni '16, History Dept.


"The Consecration class has revitalized me with the reality that Our Lady loves Her children and that She is always here to aid us. Filled with joy, I fly to her protection, implore her help, and seek her intercession." -Edwin Carbajal '14, EEB


Bonds of Marian Love also invites the Princeton Community to join us for: