February 28, 2019

The Aquinas Institute welcomes discussion and study relative to Roman Catholic spiritualty, prayer, the

reading of Sacred Scripture and the study of Roman Catholic theology, philosophy, the arts and

traditions of our faith. It is important that what is done under the name of the Aquinas Institute mirror

its values, that being the values and teachings of the Roman Catholic community, the Church. Any

digression from these principles would end the relationship established between any of these sponsored

groups and the Aquinas Institute.

The Aquinas Institute desires to support, encourage and enhance the pastoral care of our Catholic

community at Princeton University. It encourages the development of the Roman Catholic intellectual

life of all the students, faculty and staff of the University and welcomes them to all events sponsored by

the Aquinas Institute.


That each small group, reading group, fellowship or other formed organization seeking to be a part

of the Aquinas Institute be responsible for the following:

  1. That there be an assigned or recognized and responsible leader in charge of the organization and structure of a group, that this person be responsible for requesting space at the Aquinas Institute facility at least two weeks ahead of the event. Space at the Aquinas Institute facility is very limited, thus it is important that you contact the Business Manager of The Aquinas Institute, Stephany Tuchez, to make the proper arrangements. If there is no space at the Aquinas Institute facility, you may wish to work to seek space at Murray-Dodge Hall or other locations at Princeton University.

  2. If you are requesting financial assistance for your project/group, please seek the assistance of Stephany Tuchez, Business Manager, she will advise you on the process for acquiring funds for food or other items.

  3. That there is a focus for the group. This needs to be explained to the Director/Chaplain of the Aquinas Institute, Father Gabriel Zeis, T.O.R. This explanation should include length of the group meetings, frequency of the engagements, purpose for the engagements, format the group will use at its meetings.

  4. It is essential to understand the dynamic that take place when people come together to discuss in openness and candor. The leader of any group should be a facilitator who understands inter-personal dynamics, conflict resolution and the art of facilitation. Should conflict arise within the group, it is necessary that the leader be responsible for monitoring the conflict and seeking to bring it to a resolution. Sensitivity to the needs of all gathered in the group is essential. It is also important that personal boundaries be respected and that at all times respect for each attendee is carefully attended to and with utmost care.

  5. The Director/Chaplain of the Aquinas Institute, Father Gabriel Zeis, T.O.R. is always available to assist the group by offering his services in providing conferences on subjects of interest to the group, providing sacramental offerings such as liturgy, reconciliation, or for question and answer opportunities when desired.

  6. The Director/Chaplain of the Aquinas Institute highly recommends periodic conferencing with the leader of any group for review and analysis of the group, its focus and its goals.

  7. Finally, and most basic is the mandate that all areas, whether at the Aquinas Institute facility or that of Princeton University be left better than they were found. By this we mean that all garbage be placed in proper receptacles, that all furniture be put back into proper placement, that all kitchen areas are clean, sink, stove, etc. It is also necessary to honor the time limits you agree to, this means that another group may be scheduled following your group, you need to be aware of these at all times and respect the needs of the incoming group. Stephany Tuchez will inform each group of the daily schedule in which their meeting is taking place.

Thank you for adhering to these expectations. As needs arise or circumstances warrant these may

change and will be communicated to the leader of each group. Should your group not be using Aquinas

Institute facilities, these expectations still apply when off site.

Established February 28, 2019, The Aquinas Institute

Rev. Gabriel J. Zeis, T.O.R., Director/Chaplain