Being Part of Aquinas

Prayer of Thomas Aquinas

Grant me o lord my god
A mind to know you
A heart to seek you
Wisdom to find you
Conduct pleasing to you
Faithful perseverance in waiting for you
And a hope of finally embracing you.


The words of this simple prayer by Thomas Aquinas beautifully summarize our mission here at the Aquinas Institute. We strive for  Princeton to be an environment for both academic excellence and full investment in the Catholic faith. College is an opportunity for students to come into their own. Never is this more apparent than when students learn to take responsibility for truly living their faith. At Aquinas, we focus on providing opportunities for students to invest in the four pillars of Aquinas' prayer that will help them achieve faithful perseverance in all aspects of life.

1) Principals- Students come to know the deeper intellectual reason and logic that is the basis of our faith through small group formation, to help them develop a mind for God and his teachings.

2) Prayer- Nothing better prepares a heart for seeking God than opening ourselves up by prayer.  Students are encouraged to spend time in prayer, such as in adoration, daily mass, or in the blessed sacrament chapel.

3) Practice- Wisdom is found in the doing. Experience is a powerful teacher. At Aquinas, we provide many options for practicing your faith in all its aspects. Students can attend mass regularly, bring Christ's love to others through service, and defend its teachings through action, such as the March for Life.

4) Perspective-College is a fast paced almost frenzied environment. It is vital to help our students differentiate the good from the noise. Our retreats, student chaplains, and fellowship help students form the lasting friendships necessary to successfully navigate the busy Princeton landscape. Our pilgrimages and adoration teach our students how to be still and find God in the silence.

At the end of their Princeton journey, we hope all our students have gained the perseverance to continue living their faith fully in whatever vocation they are called. Help us realize this mission by donating today. If you are not financially able to give, please offer your prayers for the Aquinas Institute and the students we serve.

If you are considering a contribution to the Aquinas Institute and would like to talk to someone first, please contact Fr. Gabe Zeis, T.O.R.