The Pastoral Team that has been formed is at the service of the Church of the Diocese of Trenton with its main mission being that of the Catholic Community of Princeton University. The mandate to serve was bestowed upon this ministry by the Bishop of the Diocese of Trenton. The ministry of the Aquinas Institute follows all the mandates and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. 

The ministry team of the Aquinas Institute welcomes all, no matter what one’s history or background brings them here; the ministry of the Aquinas Institute welcomes all students no matter their spiritual or religious state. We are here to serve, to strengthen, to comfort and console. But above all, we are here to welcome all to the love that is Jesus Christ. We are not here to judge, we are here to heal and forgive, to show compassion and mercy.

There are many styles of prayer and worship within the Catholic tradition. There are many Rites and practices among Catholics. The ministry team at the Aquinas Institute does not hold any particular practice more important than another; all aspects of approved Catholic worship are welcome and encouraged. All types of prayer that are approved by the magisterium are welcome at the Aquinas Institute. 

All members of the team have been approved by the Diocese of Trenton and the Office of Religious Life at Princeton University. They have all been certified under “Protecting God’s Children.” Background checks have been recently provided to the Office of Religious Life on all team members. The team follows all “best practices” relative to safety and care of its member community.

Team members who initiate small-group encounters must follow the rules relative to such small groups that can be found on this website. 

Each member of our team is highly qualified and has had much experience in Campus Ministry and in the life of the Aquinas Institute.