Meet our Student Leaders for 2019-2020:


Each year the Aquinas Institute invites five men and women to assist with the leadership of the Aquinas Community. In their roles they assist the Catholic community with its Liturgical life through the organization of the various ministries: Music Ministry, Ministry of Readers, and Ministry of Servers. They plan the various social events and celebrations during the academic year, such as the, Beginning-of-School-year Cookout, the Thanksgiving Social, the Christmas Party, the Mardi Gras Social, and the Holy Saturday/Easter Social.

They are instrumental in planning the annual February Retreat, which is off campus. They are present at Princeton’s annual activities fairs welcoming perspective students and informing them of the many opportunities for faith-development at the Aquinas Institute. They are also present at the activities showcase at the beginning of the school year in which all students have an opportunity to sign-up for various organizations. Our Leadership Team is truly evangelical and welcoming!

There are many other informal programs that they initiate and have established, such as athletic competitions, off-campus activities such as hiking and canoeing; also, spiritual informal sessions, such as the praying of the rosary and Liturgy of the Hours.