Faith and Science Fellowship

Are you a student in STEM?

Do you wonder about the intersection of faith and science?

Join the St. Albertus Magnus Society!

The St. Albertus Magnus Society is thrilled to announce our first official discussion group on science and faith.

Students in STEM fields can easily feel isolated, as conversations about faith rarely occur in the classroom or lab. The St. Albertus Magnus Society hopes to create a space at Aquinas where students can bring together both their faith and their scientific interests.

To help us gauge interest and identify what students would like to talk about, please fill out this form, even if you don’t think you can make the reading group. We’ll have many more events in the future!

Finally, you do NOT need to be a scientist to join us. If you have questions about science and faith, we do too, and we’d love to discuss them with you! 

Want to find out more? Contact Ace Acuña (

Meetings of The St. Albertus Magnus Society are held every second Friday of the month. The next meeting is Friday, February 9, 12:45-2pm


“Remember, you are dust and to dust you will return.” But did we really come from dust? How did the human species come about? Do you ever wonder how literally we should read the Creation story of Genesis in light of the theory of evolution? 

We will be reading excerpts from Dr. Stacy Trasancos’s book Particles of Faith to prepare us for a lively discussion on questions in the biological sciences.