A Joyous Sacrament​

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage. It is a special vocation – one in which you will grow in the type of love and holiness of which you can only imagine at the moment.

Here's what comes next.

  1. Talk to your local priest at the parish you are attending-telling them that you plan on being married here at Princeton. Enter your parish’s marriage preparation program. This will include securing certain documents for the priest (birth certificate, baptismal records, FOCCUS exam, Freedom to Marry Forms, PNI – don’t worry, your priest will know and help you with all of these).
  2. You will probably meet with your priest several times (3-5) to talk about this new change in your lives, and he’ll recommend a marriage workshop day (either Pre-Cana, Engaged Encounter, or additional requirements that your home diocese may have).
  3. Pray and talk with your priest, or a priest you are close to, about the possibility of his coming to campus with you to perform the wedding ceremony.
  4. Provide your priest with the name of our diocese here: the Diocese of Trenton. He will mail your file to his diocese, they will mail it to ours, and they will ensure that a copy comes to The Aquinas Institute: 24 Charlton Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.
  5. Arrive to be wed with your priest, family, and friends.
  6. Fees for using the chapel or other Princeton University facilities go to the university and are not shared with Aquinas. We are happy to be part of your wedding. If you want to give us remuneration, it will support Aquinas activities on campus. And, who knows, your donation could support Aquinas events where other couples meet.

Congratulations. We hope this is a year of joy and blessings for you both.

Want to be married at the University Chapel?

To get started, please email the Princeton University Chapel administrator, Patricia Florek to formally request the use of the University Chapel. Secondly, fill out the wedding form below to let the Aquinas Institute know about your request made to Liz Powers. Click here for more information, including fees, scheduling, parking, and music.

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