Although Princeton is not a Catholic school, students are respectful and open to having conversations about God. Moreover, the Catholic community is stronger than many Catholic students expect before arriving. Students are constantly challenging each other to grow in their relationship with Our Lord and strive for holiness. We have over 300 undergrads and grad students actively involved in the campus ministry. Overall, Princeton is a great place to grow in your faith if you choose to do so.

Our basic goal is to provide students with a Catholic home and center of formation, so that they graduate not only with an excellent academic education, but also with strong bonds to other Catholics and, above all, a deep closeness to God and solid understanding of what the Church teaches and why. That way, they can confidently bring Our Lord wherever He leads them after Princeton.

A lot of ways!

First, through plentiful access to the sacraments. We offer:

  • Two Sunday Masses on campus in the University Chapel
  • Daily Mass every weekday in the University Chapel
  • Adoration twice each week
  • Confession is available before each Mass, during Adoration and by appointment
  • Spiritual direction is available with our Chaplain

In addition to the sacraments, we offer:

  • Bible studies: These are small communities of students that meet for an hour each week to grow closer to Christ and keep each other accountable in their faith journey. These are a great way to meet fellow Catholics and to help each other grow closer to God
  • An annual retreat
  • Seminars: we have non-credit seminars each semester that cover a wide range of topics related to the faith, to help students graduate with a strong understanding of what our Church teaches
  • Guest lectures: several times each semester. You can find some of our past lecture recordings here
  • For-credit classes: you can take a class for credit your freshman year titled “Happiness and Being Human in Catholic Thought”
  • Rosary Night: hosted by students in one of the dorms
  • Feasts and celebrations
  • And much more